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Amerisfinance financial security

Amerisfinance is part of the Amerisfinance Group. All deposits held with Amerisfinance Bank are fully and unconditionally guaranteed by Amerisfinance plc.

Amerisfinance currently has a credit rating of A (Standard and Poor's) one of the highest credit ratings of any bank. The bank is focused on retail banking, with no exposure to toxic assets such as sub-prime mortgages. For full details of Amerisfinance credit ratings please click here.

Amerisfinance Bank has its own banking license so is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Most depositors, including most individuals, and small businesses, are covered by the scheme.

Important information about compensation arrangements

For bank accounts and deposit based products, Amerisfinance is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), with each eligible depositor covered up to £85,000 as a combined amount across his/her Amerisfinance accounts, including their share of any joint accounts. Any money held in one of Amerisfinance Structured Deposit Products would also be counted in the £85,000 limit.

Amerisfinance has also previously offered Structured Investment Products that were provided by Amerisfinance ISA Managers Limited and included a capital guarantee that was provided by Amerisfinance Guarantee Company. These products may be covered by the FSCS in relation to claims against Amerisfinance ISA Managers, Amerisfinance or Amerisfinance plc and their roles in the selling, arrangement, administration or management of the Plan, although a claim based solely on the guarantee would not be. The limit for this type of claim is currently £50,000. Our Plan specific Product Guides contain details relating to cover provided.


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