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Accounts for Savings

At Amerisfinance, our range of accounts for personal savings is designed to allow clients to balance their desired return with the required amount of flexibility and access.

Offering tiered rates of interest, our accounts for savings range from the Investment Account, with full banking facilities, to longer term savings accounts that require notice of withdrawals.

Investment Account

An account with full banking facilities and instant access allowing up to 20 day-to-day transactions per calendar month.

Sovereign 30 Account - Issue Two

An account that offers a slightly more favourable rate of interest on savings providing that 30 days notice can be given before each withdrawl.

Personal Notice Account 95

An account designed for savings of over £50,000 to allow clients to gain favourable interest rates but still have access to funds providing that 95 days' notice can be given before making a withdrawal.

Sovereign 30 (Opened before 2nd April 2012)

This account is off sale

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